How to Increase Website Conversion

Never Use Carousels

Never ever ever use a carousel in the header of your homepage, you and I have zero patience and let’s be honest, have you ever gone to a website and clicked on all the carousel images, looked at all the pictures on all the texts.

In all the data and the stats that we have available to us, it shows that 80 percent of all people never look past the first slide. In other words, you’re spending an enormous amount of time coming up with five-six slides on the home page and nobody’s gonna watch it. Don’t do it, one single image with a nice title the call-to-action is really all you need.

Clear and Precise Call to Actions

Have clear and precise call-to-action, the number of websites I go to that have a button like “learn more” or “contact us”, this is not clear and precise it’s very broad it’s not really appealing. What do I mean by being a clear and concise call to action, for example if on your website you want people to call you and schedule a consultation then the call to action should be “called today for a consultation” that is clear and precise people know exactly what they’re supposed to do and exactly where they’re going to get out of that call to action.

If the way to interact with you is by getting a quote then you should have a button that says “ask for a quote “actually let’s make that button a little bit better let’s make it “get a quote”, that is a lot more direct, that’s a lot more precise, you’re going to get a quote. And if you want to make that even better you’re going to put your button as “get your quote now”, it implies that is going to be there for not just anybody else’s quote but their quote. And if you want to make that even better “get your quote today” now it’s clear it’s precise. They know exactly what they’re going to get and what they should be doing.

Less is More

Less is more, nobody reads all the text on your website. Look at your own behaviour when you go to a website, do you read every single paragraph on the website. Do you go into the about page and then read all the things they do, you don’t, nobody does.

Try to use bullets as much as possible, people want the cliff notes about what they’re going to get, what your service is about. One of the best ways and the most effective way to have bullets is with a little green checkmark for some reason we have seen them being a lot more effective than just the regular bullet, so use green check mark bullets and a lot less text.

Example Checkmark

  • A sunsafe hat – supplied by centre
  • Nappies – sufficient numbers for each day for all children who are not toilet trained
  • Dummy in a sealed, named container (if required)
  • Bottles with child’s name
  • Any medications – please give these to centre staff to manage directly and to enter into the centre’s register/storage in each room
  • Lunch box with morning and afternoon snacks and lunch. The centre is a nut & egg aware and Eat Well, Move Well centre – with child’s name

Multiple Call to Actions

Make sure you have your call to action in multiple formats multiple ways all over your website see you may have a very long homepage and people may decide to take action early on but they may actually decide that halfway through or all the way at the end having only one call to action is not a good idea.

Have it multiple time on multiple places in different formats so you can make sure that people are going to take action when they are ready to. There are multiple ways that someone may want to engage with you and you need to provide them with all of that information on the home page so they can pick the one that works for them.

Call to Action Examples/Phrases

  1. Call us for a free demo
  2. Shop now
  3. Download now
  4. Learn more
  5. Click here
  6. Apply today
  7. Contact us today
  8. Find out more
  9. Enroll now
  10. Sign me up now

If you implement these five easy tips this week or this month I can guarantee you that it will improve the conversion on your website and you’ll get more leads.

Curious to know how we can help you establish your social media presence, keep your website up-to-date with engaging content & maintain your website to ensure it’s secure, up and running, and bug-free. Get Started today or call for a free consultation at 0425 219 355.

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