Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business

How to rank number one spot on Google snack pack.

The top 3 positions in Google’s local search listing is referred to as The snack pack, it includes things like reviews, photos and it even directions to your business.

How does a business rank number high on the snack pack and hold one of those top three positions? In 2015 Moz released a large document breaking down some of the aspects of the Google snack pack and where the rankings are coming from, here are 8 ways you can outrank your competition in the snack pack.

1.Business Signals

Business signals include keywords in the business title, the category in which your business is listed under and how close the business is to a person searching.

Try and include your business’s category inside the name itself let’s use “Southport Childcare”, as an example if instead of “Southport Childcare” I just searched for “Southport”, people aren’t searching for those words they’re looking for “Childcare” also make sure when you’re in Google MyBusiness not to set your location base as too broad you don’t service all of the Gold Coast, you only service the suburb and a little bit around it.

2. External Location Signals

Google is looking for volume and consistency. Create as many business directory listing for centre as possible. You have 2 options to creating hundreds of citations. You can manually do them or two with listing distribution service such as Bright Local, you can immediately place correct business information on hundreds of directories.

3. On Page Signals

The title, address, phone number, links to multiple social media profiles all embedded on a business’s website. Make sure that everything you’ve entered on your website is exactly the same as it is on Google MyBusiness.

For example: If you are listed as “168 My Street Address Street”:

  • Don’t have your street listed as an abbreviation of “St.”
  • Don’t have other listings as “St” (no period) in other places
  • Don’t have “Street” (spelt in full)

4. Link Signals

Internal and external links going to and from a website. First and foremost a website needs great content once you have great content you need to be reaching out to other content authors and getting those backlinks. Think of your website as an island if nobody knows your island is out there. Nobody will ever visit her. However, as other companies and other websites connect and share your content, Google recognizes you as an authority.

Another important action is to delete these broken links using tools such as Webmaster Tools. Make sure that any links that are not relevant to your industry and/or location are deleted as soon as possible.

5. Review Signals

The more positive reviews across more sites equals a higher ranking on the snack pack. Answer all reviews, thank them for positive reviews and try to put negative reviews offline. Reply to them, try and get the communication going via phone call or email.

  • Ask your customer to provide reviews
  • Encourage past customer to leave a review on your Google MyBusiness listing

6. Social Signals

Facebook, Likes, Twitter followers, Instagram. You need to be active on social media, Google doesn’t like centres with one post and 2 followers.

7. Mobile and Behavioral Signals

Essentially, Google keeps track of how people in your Google Snack Pack interact with your business. If you start outperforming organic search competition, Google recognizes this and puts you in the first position of the snack pack.

Create re-readable, share worth content constantly, start promotions so that people are clicking on your website engaging with you, over-time this will boost your rankings.

8. Personalization

Content is king, create good graphic design, hire a great content writer and continuously update your website so if you’re marketing a business. There’s a lot of things you need to do but it is possible to get that number one position.

Curious to know how we can help you establish your social media presence, keep your website up-to-date with engaging content & maintain your website to ensure it’s secure, up and running, and bug-free. Get Started today or call for a free consultation at 0425 219 355.

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