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Content Management.

Big or small, your site needs regularly updated content

Web Content for Consumers!.

To be fully effective your content needs ongoing management and that can be a significant chore to the busy owner, especially if words aren’t your strongest point

Copy That Actually Converts.

The success of your website isn’t only about improving what your visitors see, it’s also about optimizing your website content for search engine crawlers.

A clear and clearly defined purpose for each page is essential for success.

Although not particularly hard, but time-consuming you should have keyword focused content & titles, semantically correct page structures (H1, H2 etc. tags) and alt-image tags. We want to do the legwork for you and regularly update and optimize your site content.

For your site to get higher rankings and expand your keyword range, it can’t be static.

We’ve got you covered! You can expect

  • Blog Outreach: we build relationships with bloggers to create genuine content to promote your centre to new audiences
  • 4 SEO optimised blog posts per month
    • A Royalty Free image included with each post that reflects your center
    • Blogging regularly on your website is the best way to keep high search engine rankings and keep your existing and new customers interested.
    • Companies that regularly blog generate 126% more potential customers than those that do not blog
    • Most childcare providers have difficulty finding experienced authors, time and even inspiration to update their blog. That’s where we can assist you!
  • Unlimited content updates (for example)
    • staff biography updates
    • updating contact details
    • updating your centres’ learning programs
    • adding new services
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Why Choose Us?

What you get with every piece of content.

  • A solid call to action on your web page (if required)
  • Content that will connect, communicate and convince your target audience
  • Grammatically correct content with proper punctuation

  • FREE stock images with every piece of content

  • High Quality and well researched articles that ignite engagement
  • Persuasive, grammatically correct content
  • Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning
  • Proper content structure and formatting

Frequently asked questions.

How do I approve content/blog articles2018-06-20T09:15:01+10:00

We will send you an email with a link to a draft version of the content/blog article, you review the copy and email us back with approval or changes you’d like made.

How are the post for the blog delivered2018-06-20T09:13:04+10:00

We post them in your blog (in draft mode), we provide you with a link in order for you to approve them

Who owns the copyright for the content?2018-06-20T09:10:43+10:00

All copyrights are passed to you by assumption

Is content checked for grammar, syntax and spelling mistakes?2018-06-20T09:09:58+10:00

Yes, we have editors on staff who will read over the content submitted by a writer and make any necessary corrections before releasing it to you.

Will I have a say in what gets published?2018-06-08T16:17:42+10:00

Yes! As with our social and blog services, you are in charge and have the final say. Nothing gets published without your ultimate approval. We work with you in advance to learn your business tone, audience, and goals, so we can do our best work when it comes to writing for you.

Is the copy you’ll write SEO friendly?2018-06-08T16:17:51+10:00

You bet. The only kind of content we know how to create, is SEO-friendly content.

Why update only a few pages at a time?2018-06-08T16:17:57+10:00

Most small and local businesses don’t want to spend a fortune on regularly updating the entirety of their site content. And for good reason! Continually updating your site a few pages at a time, keeps your site updated on an on-going basis. This matters to Google.

Why do I need to update content regularly?2018-06-08T16:09:29+10:00

Google uses the frequency of your website updates as a measuring stick. They want to make sure that they’re providing users with up to date results, that have been given plenty of TLC