Website Management Service Features

Website Management Service Features2018-08-24T14:43:27+10:00

Website Management Services.

We do it all for you, giving you peace of mind & support you can trust.

Our website management services provide all the required skills in one monthly recurring fee and helps you build your business while we look after your website.

Frequently asked questions.

Yes. Here’s why:

(1) Time really is money.
Who has the time to make sure your website is up to date with content, theme and plugin versions? Who has the time (or the know-how) to get things back in order when something goes wrong?

The hours you spend updating your site is costing you money

And for what? To save a couple of hundred dollars per month?

We take the stress out of managing your childcare site by doing all of the hard work for you. Fiddling with backups, updates, maintenance, and security is a thing of the past

(2) Hacking happens (and it can be catastrophic when it does).
At nearly 30% market share, WordPress is far and away the most widely used website content management system (CMS) in the world. As such, it’s developed for more broadly than any other CMS, which makes it (in our opinion) the ideal platform for business and blog websites.

The drawback? WordPress is targeted by hackers more frequently than any other CMS in the world.

That’s why we started Childcare Promotions, to give you peace of mind & take the stress out of managing your childcare site by doing all of the hard work for you.

(3) Your clients demand speed.
No one waits on a slow site. Not us. Not you. Not your clients.

Half of your should-be clients will be frustrated after just 4 seconds and they’ll abandon it altogether after 6. So, one second can be the difference between earning a client and (functionally) funneling them to your competitors.

Don’t be that business!

(4) Downtime reflects upon more than just your website.
A live, healthy website reflects a live, healthy business.

In other words, if a live, healthy, fast, secure website is important to you, then you need a Website maintenance service.

Pick the plan that’s right for you.

Do you scan for malware daily?2018-06-08T16:24:34+10:00

Yes! We provide daily malware scanning so you don’t have to worry about monitoring the safety or security of your website.

Do you provide a backup solution?2018-06-08T16:24:09+10:00

Yes! We create daily offsite backups using Amazon’s S3 storage platform for our WordPress customers. Daily on-site backups are implemented for our non-WordPress customers.

What site maintenance is included in my package?2018-06-11T12:19:34+10:00
  • Adding calls to action on each page
  • Adding news and blog posts
  • Adding contact forms
  • Creating images
  • Updating and cross-linking your social media
  • Updating WordPress plugins for website security and functionality
  • Updating and creating new website content
  • Updating core WordPress files
  • Uptime monitoring to ensure your site is available to your visitors
What about site security?2018-06-11T12:20:27+10:00

We take your site’s security very seriously – below is everything we do to secure our network!

1. We back maintain regular backups of our sites and all related data. We keep these backups both on our network for quick recovery, and “off-site” with a different provider in the event of a disaster. So, if our provider were to suddenly implode with no notice, we would at the very least still have all of the data so we could get back online elsewhere without losing any data.

2. We have a dedicated firewall in front of our servers. Our actual servers are disconnected from the outside world and cannot be accessed directly. All traffic, including loading a page on one of our sites, goes through the firewall. This allows us to very quickly spot and block any offending or questionable traffic if (when…) we need to.

3. We are a managed service, so no clients are able to upload via FTP or install their own plugins. All such requests have to go through Childcare Promotions support. Any additional plugins that may be requested are tested and vetted by our support staff to ensure that they do not compromise our network. This is done before such plugins come anywhere near live sites.

Do you really offer “unlimited” support?2018-06-11T12:24:20+10:00

For our Ultimate Website Package clients our support packages mean we’ll provide clients with unlimited content updates, remove old content and images, add new pages and content, update your website colors, update WordPress themes & plugins, run website security checks

Can I add my own plugins?2018-06-11T12:24:32+10:00

We manage our sites via secure WordPress administration portal, meaning that we manage all of your sites available plugins from one central control panel.

For this reason you cannot add your own plugins – however if you need to add some sort of childcare related feature, we can almost always accommodate – and in most cases this is a benefit of Childcare Promotions as we’ll generally have the best feature, or recommend the best way to accomplish what you’re looking to achieve within the site.

How much support do I get?2018-06-11T12:24:41+10:00

We offer unlimited email support, and we’ll help you with whatever you need!

The best way to take advantage of our fantastic support is by emailing directly with your question or comment.