Tips to Engage Your Social Media Audience

How to engage your social audience

Start with following and engaging with people that are talking about you and your business here you are trying to create a relationship with people in social media.

Start engaging with that person and and by engaging I mean interacting with them sending them a message responding to what they’ve said even if it’s bad it’s it’s actually a really bad thing if someone doesn’t say anything positive about you that you just ignore them entirely far better to try and engage them trying to turn that around.

Social media is 24/7

Social media is 24 hours a day, it doesn’t start from 9.00am and go to 5.00pm which is when you might be in the office then schedule the post office to post after hours and then monitor how popular these posts are.

What you’re trying to do is give the impression that social media for you it’s not just a job you know this is something you really enjoy. It’s your life, it’s not something that’s just a function of what you do when you’re at work and so if you don’t want to actually post out of hours you can use a tool like Buffer in order to make sure your posts are appearing when you’re not in the office. It might be that the posts that you do that are published around 9:00 at night get a lot more engagement and a lot more interaction than the one that you do at 2:00 in the afternoon even though it could be the same post.

Give Aways

Create promotions and competitions about your centre and the services you offer.

The two big reasons people follow other people and/or brands on social media

  1. to get discounts &
  2. to enter competitions: you might not want to give a discount to your product or services but you can create a competition about your brand or about your product and why not as part of that competition make people enter by tweeting about you, by making a comment to a post, making a status update around your brand. That way you’re getting entries in interacting with your brand and your brand message is being carried to the followers of all of the people that are entering.

Be authentic

Create unique content for your brand and about your brand, by this I mean don’t just retweet and post news that you’ve read on a popular news site.

Try to create something that no one has heard before or if it is about a bit of news that everyone has heard come up with your own opinion on that news topic so just try to not just be vanilla and part of what everyone else says. Do something which makes that makes your you and your brand stand out in people’s memories.

Promote content on social media

It isn’t just about selling your products, yes you can make status updates and promotions around your product but actually what’s more interesting is to promote content that helps people, that solves their problems.

How can you help your customers?

You create a blog post that solves a problem for them, then promote that blog post on social media.

Don’t spam, by spamming I mean don’t relentlessly push the same message all of the time, space out your updates, look to make no more than six to ten updates a day.

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